Competitive Technologies, Inc. (OTCQX: CTTC)(CTI) maximizes the value of intellectual assets for the benefit of its customers, clients and shareholders. Working across a broad spectrum of disciplines and industries, CTI provides distribution, patent and technology transfer, sales and licensing services to intellectual property owners seeking to commercialize their innovative products and technologies.

CTI has a world-class team of professionals with diverse technical, legal, intellectual property, marketing and business experience enabling it to offer a complete spectrum of solutions for the commercial optimization of technology. CTI works with universities, large and small corporations, and federal and private research centers in the U.S. and internationally.

CTI is the licensed distributor of the non-invasive Calmare® pain therapy medical device, which incorporates technology developed in Italy by by CTI's client, to treat neuropathic pain, including cancer pain. The Calmare® device is manufactured for sale by CTI's partner, GEOMC Co., Ltd. of Seoul, Korea. For more information on the device, visit

CTI sold 16 Calmare® pain therapy devices to twelve separate U.S. Military medical facilities in the U.S. and overseas. CTI has also sold a Calmare medical device to the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Jamaica Plain, MA in the Boston area. The VA healthcare system includes more than 150 medical centers and nearly 800 outpatient clinics.

Calmare therapy is complementary to the Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense initiative for new strategies in pain management that they announced as their "War On Pain" program. The Calmare pain therapy device provides excellent pain treatment efficacy through a non-invasive procedure, which successfully treats pain without harmful side effects or the use of powerful and potentially addictive drugs.